Women’s Health, More Than Routine Screenings and Having Babies

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Are you ready to Show Up – Be Seen – Live Brave?™ As a Certified Daring Way™, Rising Strong™, and Dare to Lead™ facilitator, Vicki Simmons highlights the benefits of wholehearted living based on the research of Brené Brown. Learn why Passion plays such a role in the health of a person and a business! We are only as healthy as we are happy at work.

Every Woman has a Story. Join Ashma Khanani-Moosa, RN, a certified Integrated Wellness counselor, to learn why we become ill when our stories go untold. Health is so much more than what we eat, how much we exercise and the tests we take. Our stories, a safe place to tell them and someone to listen is the foundation of healthy living.

The Image We Want. Jacqueline Wegge, M.D. specializes in cosmetic and breast reconstructive surgery and believes that a skilled plastic surgeon not only requires the vast knowledge of a scholar but also the steady hand and the precise eye of an artist. She talks about asking the right questions and why surgery must include understanding a woman’s psyche and involve the whole person.

Women taking it on the Chin. Learn why renowned vascular surgeon, Lori Choi, M.D., founded a one of a kind organization: I’ll Have What She’s Having, which unites women in medicine and the restaurant industry to improve access to health care. As an independent surgeon, she believes that the importance of women as essential caregivers for multiple generations in a single family demands a different approach to women’s health.

Facilitated by Dorothy Gibbons, CEO & Co-founder of The Rose, author of The Women of The Rose, and advocate for the health of all women.

Dorothy Gibbons


Dorothy GibbonsThe Rose
Vicki Simmons
Vicki Simmons, LCSWAdvantage Center
Ashma Khanani Moosa
Ashma Khanani-Moosa, RNThe Rose
Jacque Wegge
Jacqueline Wegge, M.D.Clear Lake Specialties
Lori Choi
Lori Choi, M.D.I'll Have What She's Having

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