How to bring abundance and joy into every corner of your life?

By inviting God or announcing to the Universe, you will have the clarity to bring abundance and joy in your life. I will walk you through 3 steps that I have used and they have been consistently escalating my success since 2019, the very first time that I have created my vision board. Most of us when we want to complete a project, we start with planning. When we decide to build a house, we start with a blue print. However, have we ever thought of creating a vision board for our own life? For the last 40 years before 2019, I went through life like the expectation of the majority people have for me. I am getting a college degree, buying a house, buying a car, getting married, having kids, working and vacationing.


Objectives of the Session: To give ourselves permission to dream, how to put the dreams on paper and how to make it attainable.


Key Questions Session will Resolve: 

  • What are the main corners of your life?
  • What are the steps that you can take to have both abundance and joy in your life immediately?
  • How to create a very powerful vision board?


Wendy Nguyen, CPA
Founder of NCTP CPAS (formerly known as TNC CPAS), Operational and Financial System Implementation, Happy Companie House Inc, Owner of Wendy Nguyen Coaching, member of 2020 Finance Council of FORBES, Alumni of Goldman Sachs 10ksb, Investor of Gift With Intention, Code Ninjas – Spring Rayford, Fast Friends CO. and outsourced CFO for 10+ other companies.