Delivering Business Results Through Mindset & Business Strategy

It is proven that your mindset determines the results you are getting (or not getting) in your business. 

Most entrepreneurs now see the vital role of aligning your thinking with the success you seek; however, few realize exactly what that means.

Delivering results through mindset and business strategies requires a direct and skilled approach. It is for more than just trying to think differently – it’s learning the skill to become strategic with your mindset to create transformation and reach greater business success. 

It requires a formulated system. It takes an individual plan.  Since 2010 Belanie Dishong, Mindset Strategist, and Michele Mere, Business Strategist, have become known as the Results Team, helping business owners realize their goals and dreams.

Their combined approach creates the difference between doing the business of entrepreneuring and BEING the entrepreneur of their hopes and dreams.


Michele Mere
Business Strategist and Owner of Decisive Minds, LLC

Belanie Dishong
Mindset Strategist and Owner of Live At Choice, LLC