Our Testimonials

Wondering about the ROI of the Women Driving Business event series? Our sponsors speak candidly about the value of sponsorship.
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In 2019, I had the pleasure of becoming involved with Women Driving Business. I had heard so many great things about the organization that I finally reached out and got involved. I’ve been so impressed with the caliber of participants and programs offered by this group of dynamic professional women. I’ve always been told that there was a ‘good old boys’ network here in Texas and I’m delighted to say I think we now have a “fabulous professional women’s network” and I am honored to be part of this organization. My only regret is that I didn’t get involved sooner.

Since 2005, the Women Driving Business series has brought together strong, business women and valuable relationships. The opportunity to connect all of us in the same room has added to my personal and business development. These ladies clearly predict the future and create it.

Women Driving Business truly enables women to step up and lean in. Connect with women leaders who are inspiring, powerful and generous. Our participation led to multiple opportunities to build relationships with existing and potential members, and also served as an excellent platform for Chamber recruiting. Furthermore, the general networking and experience sharing has been invaluable in developing new insights and opening new doors – both personally and professionally! Women Driving Business educates and motivates, and I look forward to it every year. I get valuable professional advice, and I enjoy the warm, welcoming environment of this special event series for women. This is an awesome opportunity to see women step up and lean in.

I invite key prospects and customers to the Women Driving Business events to nurture my relationships with them and show my appreciation. The events also provide a network of women professionals unlike any I’ve found in Texas. Having a group of women professionals dedicated to working with each other is truly remarkable.

An event unlike any other. Gaining a wealth of knowledge, new contacts, and of course, new and exciting ideas are just a few things I came away with at this powerful event series. Such an extraordinary group of successful businesswomen changing the world – one woman at a time.